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Offshore Wide Mouth Mooring Shackle For Aquaculture Fish Farming Mooring Lines


Offshore Wide Mouth Mooring Shackle For Aquaculture Fish Farming Mooring Lines

Offshore Wide Mouth Mooring shackle is drop forged superior alloy steel shackle with H.D.Galvanized surface.

It has a wide gap opening, extended inner height and width, allowing for easier attachment and removal of mooring lines.

The bolt is oversized with a nut with an oversized hole in the bolt to enable easy assembling of the split pin or bolt.

It is commonly used in mooring lines, in combination with chains, fiber ropes and hawsers.


    Offshore wide mouth mooring shackles are widely used in offshore mooring systems. 

    A wider opening allows it for easier attachment and removal of mooring lines.
    Typically made from high-strength materials such as alloy steel to ensure durability and withstand harsh marine environments. 
    They are designed with a high working load limit (WLL) to support heavy loads in offshore applications. 
    This wider opening simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting mooring lines, which is critical for offshore operations where time and efficiency are critical. 
    The design of offshore wide mouth mooring shackles often includes a safety locking mechanism such as a pin or bolt to ensure a reliable and secure connection. This locking mechanism prevents accidental removal of the mooring line, providing additional security and stability to offshore mooring systems.

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    Hoop Dia. Bolt Dia. Gap Inner Width Inner Length MBL
    mm mm mm mm mm Tons
    19 22 42 63 97 30
    22 25 52 68 125 40
    25 28 62 78 135 50
    28 32 70 92 144 60
    32 35 82 120 184 90
    38 42 94 146 219 140

    Our factory is one of the most professional high quality rigging fittings manufacturer in China. You can buy from the superior quality forged shackles without worried about the lifting or mooring safety.
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    Offshore Wide Mouth Shackles are commonly used in marine and aquaculture mooring system.
    With its wide openning, it is more easier for connecting.
    With high load capacity produced by high strength alloy steel material.
    MBL and Size are stemped on its body for indentification easily.
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