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Ultimate Holding Power Double Fluke Aquaculture Mooring Stingray Anchor


Ultimate Holding Power Double Fluke Aquaculture Mooring Stingray Anchor

Stingray anchor provides ultimate holding powers, it’s commonly used in cyclone mooring system, aquaculture fish cage mooring system, mussel/shellfish/seaweed mooring long lines.

It is an ideal dual shank anchor for ocean farms with it’s characteristics of high durable, high efficient and high holding power, and is suitable for securing fish cages, nets, buoys and other aquaculture equipment.

    Our Advantage on Production:
    1.Q345B/Q355B Steel, the thickness of the steel plate is with upper tolerance.
    2.All steel work will be done clear of excessive weld spatter.
    3.All piece parts are free from burrs and rough edges.
    4.All piece parts fit together adequately.
    5.All chamfer and knuckles in correct places as per construction drawing.
    6.All welds is NDT inspected.
    7.All fasteners are with 10.9 grade.

    The anchor is designed to work with a mooring system, which includes chains, ropes and buoys. The double-claw design ensures a reliable anchor point, reducing the risk of aquaculture equipment drifting or moving due to currents or waves. 

    The twin fluke aquaculture mooring stingray anchor is designed for ease of use and allows for easy installation and retrieval. It is typically lightweight and compact, making it convenient and easy to manage during deployment and disassembly. 


    Weight(kg) Sand(tonnes) Medium Clay(tonnes) Silt(tonnes)
    10 2.39 1.85 1.34
    25 4.95 3.83 2.77
    50 8.59 6.65 4.8
    75 12.03 9.09 6.57
    100 14.91 11.54 8.34
    150 20.58 15.93 11.51
    175 23.26 18.01 13.01
    250 30.89 23.92 17.27
    375 42.64 33.01 23.84
    500 53.6 41.5 29.97
    750 7399 57.28 41.37
    1000 93 72 52
    1500 128.37 99.39 71.78
    2000 161.36 124.93 90.22
    3000 222.74 172.44 124.54
    4000 279.98 216.76 156.55
    5000 334.32 258.83 186.93

    Our produced stingray anchors are used Q345B or Q355B steel plate, laser cutting, the precision is high.
    All welding seams are done by experienced welding workers which has professional welder certificate.
    DNT inspection will be done for welding parts. 

    Marine Cyclone Mooring System

    Aquaculture Fish Cage Mooring System
    Seaweed Farming, Oyster/Shellfish Long Line Grid


    Our regular cooperated shipped agents are well experience on packing and loading of stingray anchor, avoiding goods damage and save the shipping cost.